Wild Madagascar

WILD MADAGASCAR spotlights the many strange and unique species of Madagascar and the impact that one species, the lemur, has had on the island's culture.

Hönssoppa med korngryn 1968

The first play in a trilogy by Arnold Wesker. The Hungarian-Jewish immigrant Sarah Kahn firmly holds her family in London's East End. She is also the center of power for the socialist engagement of the family, which is being tested by the events of Eastern Europe after the war.

Trust 2000

When her husband is accused of murder, solicitor Anne Travers defends him -- but as the evidence mounts, she begins to question their "perfect" life.

Villa med staket 1965

Verner is a faithful staff manager. He seems to live a perfect family life, but the relationships are fragile. One morning, a man comes to the office. He is looking for a job, but his behavior is pretty strange. Verner makes fun of him. What he does not know is that they soon will meet again, under completely different circumstances.

Multi-Thousand Picture Show 1995

Picture montage was a central aspect in the early history of visual media. As early as the 16th century, techniques such as the folding picture montage anticipated those used in film today. Other examples of early forms of montage are transparencies, picture puzzles and blow books, which direct the gaze towards hidden information. In the myriorame, the multi-thousand picture-show, it is possible to assemble infinite landscapes.

Provincialka 1969

Based on a famous play by Ivan Turgenev. The sudden arrival of a guest, Count Lubin, stirred the quiet, measured life of Stupendievs, revived hopes for change. Childhood and youth of Darya Ivanovna, 28-year-old wife Stupendyeva, passed in the estate of the Count's mother, in Spassky. She remembers him as a brilliant officer, and keeps her youth's feeling about him.

Shattered Lives 1994

August 1939. The fate of four young people, Ramona, Georges, Brigitte and Hans is upset by the outbreak of war.

Jesus lever 2000

In an idyllic small town unpleasant things happen. A pastor gets upset by the wife walking on hot coals, his former wife's grave is desecrated and his son's girlfriend suddenly disappears. What is happening?