The Shoe Must Go On

The Shoe Must Go On 1973

There was a bank robbery in Hoot's town and he is trying to get his horse Fester to come, but can't because someone stole his horse shoes.

Ten Miles to the Gallop

Ten Miles to the Gallop 1973

Hoot, thinking it's impossible to catch Crazywolf on his horse Fester, he replaces him with a police-car. Crazywolf of course makes it impossible for him to catch him even with his car.

Giddy Up Woe

Giddy Up Woe 1974

Hoot Kloot is mad at Confederate because he's so slow, so Hoot trades him with another horse. The new horse is fast, but keeps giving Hoot hard time. Hoot ended up trading the fast horse again and gets Confederate again.

By Hoot or By Crook

By Hoot or By Crook 1974

While Hoot was chasing the notorious bank robber The Fox, his horse finds the Fox's costume, and for fun Hoot dressed up like the Fox. One of the delivery men, thinking Hoot was the Fox, gives him the strong box with the town's pay roll, so Hoot Kloot has to bring it back to the bank while dressed up like the Fox. The real Fox has another idea.

Saddle Soap Opera

Saddle Soap Opera 1974

Hoot Kloot and Fester arrives at San Francisco to bring Judge Sayabe (the hanging judge) back to Cactus Goat. Unfortunately for the judge, Hoot Kloot goofs up along the way and the judge gets blown up, run over by a train, and falls down the cliff. They eventually return to the Cactus Goat, with the judge making a certain sheriff his enemy. Last "Hoot Kloot" cartoon.

The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl 1971

A little girl tries to sell matches on a cold December night with no luck. To keep from freezing she lights one match and sees a wondrous vision...


Fantasy 1976

A star-driven spiraling machine of hallucinatory wonder!

The Froggy Froggy Duo

The Froggy Froggy Duo 1970

While Pancho and El Toro are vacationing in Acapulco, a nearby hotel cook is desperate to find some frog legs to cook for the visiting French ambassador. But where is he going to find frog legs in Acapulco?

Snake in the Gracias

Snake in the Gracias 1971

Crazylegs Crane gets an amnesia and Toro and Pancho tricks him into thinking he's a frog. They use him to guard them from the Blue Racer, the fastest snake in the west, who wants to have them for a meal.

A Film on Family Planning

A Film on Family Planning 1979

The letters KB refer to the official term `Keluarga Berencana’, i.e. `Family Planning’. This is a “Non KB” film. A spontaneous vision on the introduction of family planning.