Dinner for Two 1996

Frogs, birds, lizards, a snake, alligators, and a lot of insects inhabit a pond; everyone's ready to eat. Two tenacious lizards catch the same fly, inciting a protracted tug-of-war.

Pet Problems 1954

Papa Bear gets extremely tired of his oversized dog Pago causing problems- so much that he is ready to execute him. Of course, he becomes soft-hearted and lets the dog go, only to be treated to another more frustrating experiences as a result of the antics of Pago and his three cubs.

Prescription for Percy 1954

Little Roquefort, a mouse living in a drugstore, is prepared to have a good time while the store is closed. Before he has a chance to eat his elaborately-concocted sundae, Precy, the cat, starts chasing him. The two have a battle that uses all of the merchandise in the drugstore as props. Roquefort, with the aid of some vanishing-cream, cause havoc for the cat, and finally ejects him from the store, and leaves himself in charge of the soda-fountain delights.

Arctic Rivals 1954

In the icy north pole country, Willie the Walrus's girl friend dumps him for a big, muscular specimen the girls all swoon for. But when a monster fish goes on a rampage, her would-be hero runs away, and Willie saves her.

Pride of the Yard 1954

Percval Sleuthhound, the Sherlock Holmes of the dog kingdom, tracks down a pair of shifty characters who just escaped from jail. The crooks try every trick they know to get the relentless hound off their trail and, finally, the try to dynamite their adversary, but are blown up themselves, and land at Percival's feet in the police station.

A Yokohama Yankee 1955

A wicked male spider tries to capture a Japanese butterfly for his harem. A Yankee bug sailor comes to her rescue. In the end, the spider is eaten by a frog and the bug takes the butterfly home to the USA.

One Little Indian 1954

This short puppet animation from the fifties tells the story of Magic Bow, a First Nations boy endowed with magic gifts. Magic Bow is in the big city for the first time, thrilling audiences with his tricks at the Wild West Rodeo. Outside the arena, cars, trucks and buses zip by at dizzying speeds. With the help of some savvy city dwellers, Magic Bow learns a few important traffic rules to help him navigate the streets safely.

X 1957

Experimental film by Swedish filmmaker Pontus Hulten

Topology 1969

One of a humorous series of films devised to explain in graphic terms the concepts of basic mathematical functions.

Heinrich der Verhinderte 1966

Duke Heinrich von Libnitz wins a knightly drink competition in 1472. However, the last barrel he drinks costs him his entire estate. So he has to look for new property! Heinrich looks into the Kingdom of Poland, known for a beautiful princess and a huge wine cellar, and he decides to become the king of Poland. But his adventurous mission ends up on a dunghill instead of the throne.